Is TradingView Premium Worth It? (2024)

TradingView has become one of the most popular charting and technical analysis platforms for traders. With over 30 million monthly active users, TradingView offers a robust set of free features including interactive charts, technical indicators, alerts, community chat rooms, and more.

But TradingView also offers premium plans that unlock more advanced features. In this comprehensive guide, we'll look at:

  • TradingView's free vs premium features
  • An overview of TradingView's pricing and plans
  • Whether TradingView pro is worth the cost
  • Tips for getting the most value out of a TradingView subscription

Let's dive in!

TradingView Free vs Premium

TradingView offers a free plan that gives you access to quite a lot of functionality including:

  • Flexible interactive charts with over 50 technical indicators
  • The ability to save and load chart layouts
  • 1 server side alert
  • Delayed or real-time data depending on the exchange
  • Customizable watchlists and screeners
  • Community chat rooms and idea sharing

For most beginning traders, the free plan offers plenty of charting firepower. But upgrading to a premium plan gives you:

  • More real-time data access across global markets
  • Additional indicators, strategies, and drawing tools
  • Server-side alerts with notifications across devices
  • Additional screeners and watchlists
  • Advanced account analytics
  • More customization options
  • Priority customer support

So while the free plan is quite capable for charting and analysis, premium plans give active, serious traders more robust tools.

Overview of TradingView Premium Plans and Pricing

TradingView offers 3 paid plans:


  • $14.95/month billed monthly
  • $179.40/year billed annually

Pro unlocks features like:

  • Unlimited server side alerts
  • 5 indicators per chart
  • 3 indicators strategies
  • 50 server side alerts
  • 30 alerts on indicators
  • Advanced analytics on your account


  • $29.95/month billed monthly
  • $359.40/year billed annually

Pro+ includes everything in Pro plus:

  • Unlimited charts
  • 10 indicators per chart
  • 5 indicator strategies
  • Unlimited server side alerts
  • Unlimited screening
  • Advanced analytics and sentiment
  • Historical data backtesting


  • $59.95/month billed monthly
  • $719.40/year billed annually

Premium has everything in Pro and Pro+ as well as:

  • Unlimited everything
  • Maximum historical data access
  • Custom indicators and automations
  • Developers API access
  • Maximum screeners and watchlists
  • Volume profile indicators
  • All asset classes and global markets

As you can see, the plans build on each other. Pro adds core features for active traders beyond the free plan. Pro+ unlocks backtesting and enhanced analytical tools. Premium gives you unlimited access to everything TradingView offers.

Is TradingView Pro Worth the Cost?

For most active traders, TradingView Pro provides the best balance of features and cost.

With Pro, you unlock the key necessities like:

  • More real-time data
  • Unlimited server side alerts
  • Additional indicators per chart
  • Extra drawing tools

These features support more effective charting, analysis, and trade execution without breaking the bank. Pro runs $15/month or $180 per year which is reasonable for most traders.

Pro+ starts adding more robust analytical features like sentiment analysis, account analytics, and backtesting. It also bumps your indicators per chart to 10. So Pro+ can be worth it for traders who rely heavily on indicators and backtesting strategies. But at $30/month, it's twice the cost of Pro.

Premium removes all limits and adds access to things like custom indicators, more asset classes, priority support, and developers API. These specialized features cater more to professional traders, institutions, and developers building custom tools.

For most individuals, TradingView Pro hits the sweet spot. You get the core features serious traders need without paying up for more niche functionality.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your TradingView Subscription

Here are some tips to maximize the value from your TradingView membership:

  • Take advantage of the indicator library - TradingView has a huge selection of pre-built indicators. Try them out to find ones that suit your strategy vs building customized indicators from scratch.
  • Use screeners to find trade ideas - Premium plans unlock TradingView's stock, forex, and crypto screening tools. Use them to search for potential trades based on technicals and fundamentals.
  • Set up alerts on multiple time frames - With TradingView, you can set price and indicator alerts on any time frame from 1 minute to monthly. Use alerts across time frames to identify emerging opportunities.
  • Join community chat rooms - Talk trading ideas, strategies, and market analysis with TradingView's active community of over 30 million members.
  • Use the analysis tools - Premium plans unlock sentiment, volatility analysis, price performance stats, and more. Use these tools to support your trade analysis.
  • Backtest strategies - Pro+ and higher plans let you backtest trading systems using historical data. Quantify what works to improve your trading.

The key is leveraging tools that streamline your existing process. Don't get distracted by bells and whistles you won't actually use much. Focus on the features that make the biggest impact on your trading workflow.

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TradingView Premium FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about TradingView premium plans:

Is TradingView premium worth it?

For active traders, TradingView premium can certainly be worth it. The key premium features like advanced alerts, more indicators, backtesting, enhanced analytics, and screeners give you an information edge in analyzing the markets and executing trades.

What's the difference between TradingView pro and premium?

The main differences are that Premium gives you unlimited access to everything TradingView offers including more indicators, alerts, historical data, advanced analytics features, priority support, and API access. Pro limits you to a set number of charts, alerts, and indicators but still unlocks robust core functionality.

Is real time data worth paying for on TradingView?

Access to more real-time data feeds across global asset classes is one of the primary reasons active traders subscribe to TradingView. Premium plans give you expanded access to real-time data to see tick-by-tick price action across stocks, forex, futures, indices, and crypto.

Can I try before I buy TradingView premium?

Yes! TradingView offers 30-day free trials of Pro, Pro+, and Premium. You can sign up for a trial to test drive premium features before paying. Just be sure to cancel before the 30 days if you don't want to continue.

Can I use TradingView premium on multiple devices?

Yes, a TradingView premium subscription gives you access across web, desktop and mobile apps. You can use your premium account on multiple devices simultaneously.

How do I pay for TradingView premium?

You can purchase TradingView premium plans on the TradingView website. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal. You can choose monthly or discounted annual billing. Premium plans auto-renew each month or year unless you cancel.

Is there a discount for students or educators?

Yes! TradingView offers discounted premium plans for students (50% off) and educators (15% off). You'll need to verify your academic status to qualify.

TradingView delivers an immense amount of functionality even in their free plan. But upgrading to a paid plan takes your trading experience to the next level. Use this guide to decide if premium is right for your trading workflow.

Is TradingView Premium Worth It? (2024)
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