Miraculous Ladybug: The Heroes, Ranked By Courage (2024)

frequently reminds audiences that anyone with enough love and courage can be a hero. Marinette is an overachieving teenager, but she understands the need to have courage in the face of fear and encourages all of her friends to do the same. That's why so many of her friends end up as Miraculous holders and superheroes alongside her.

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Some of Marinette's friends have to be coaxed into joining her (without ever knowing that Ladybug is Marinette), but ultimately, everyoneagrees to her offering a Miraculous, proving that she has one courageous group of classmates. Even when not in costume, most of her friends will rush to help others – proving that bravery abounds even in a place where a supervillain attacks the city on a regular basis.

10 Chloe Isn't Afraid To Stand Up ForOthers

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Some Ladybug fans might not see Chloe as a hero— she's incredibly selfish. That's part of the reason Marinette stops trusting her to be Queen Bee; however, Chloehasgrownthroughoutthe series and isn't afraid to be herself.

Chloe is also ready to stand in the face of danger for people she cares about. She has no problem standing up to villains whether she's wearing the Queen Bee costume or not. In Ladybugand its specials, she's repeatedly protected Sabrina from harm, throwing herself in front of the other girl to prevent Sabrina from being placed in danger.

9 MyleneTakes On Authority Figures

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Mylene is very shy. She can speak in front of her friends, but she often has trouble being in front of a crowd. Despite that, she's willing to protest something like the destruction of a park with just herself, her boyfriend, and a few signs. Mylene is even willing to debate the mayor in public when it comes to a subject she believes in, like protecting the natural environment.

Most of Marinette's friends are never placed in a position where they feel the need to debate the adults around them unless they're safely behind a mask and given superpowers. Mylene is one of the few who doesn't need the mask to do it, but Marinette still picks her to hold the mouse Miraculous.

8 Juleka Finds Her Voice

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Like Mylene, Juleka is also incredibly shy. She avoids confrontation at all costs, even when it comes to telling her own brother the truth about something. It takes a lot for her to overcome that fear. Juleka finds her courage when Ladybug gives her the tiger Miraculous.

It allows her to speak a little louder, making sure her parents know her real feelings about her father often ignoring her and favoring Luka. Juleka is also able to finally talk to her friends about what she does and doesn't want to do. She needs a little boost, but once she has it, Juleka demonstrates her courage by raising her voice and charging into battle alongside Ladybug.

7 Zoe Stays True To Herself

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Zoe isn't introduced until the fourth season of Ladybug. When she is, she pretends to be exactly like Chloe in order to fit in with her new family. Zoe is terrified of people not liking her, of standing out, and of her family rejecting her.

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Despite that, Zoe realizes just how badly her sister and her mother treat other people. When she commits to being true to herself and accepts the bee Miraculous to help Ladybug fight her own sister, she proves that there's more courage inside of her than she thinks.

6 Rose Always Looks On The Bright Side

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Rose's courage comes from her staunch decision to always see the glass as half-full. She doesn't have time for anyone's pessimistic attitude. Every time her friends start to despair, Rose is there to offer another point of view on their situation.

That's what makes Ladybug choosing her to use the pig Miraculous so special for the audience. Rose doesn't really need a Miraculous to spread her optimism and help save the day. It just allows her to use her own particular brand of cheer more effectively. Even when she didn't have access to a Miraculous, Rose was always one of the first classmates to suggest they help out Ladybug or Cat Noir.

5 Nino Wants To Protect Everyone

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One of the common threads amongst the people that Marinette chooses to hold a Miraculous is that they genuinely want to help others. Nino is one of the first people Marinette gives a Miraculous to, and he has that instinct, but also wants to protect everyone.

Nino, especially after having used the Miraculous once, is always on guard when something bad happens in Paris. He's ready to lead kids to safety and to find a secluded spot for people to hide from the bad guys. That's why his ability — having a shell that acts as a protective shield — is particularly appropriate when he's in his superhero form.

4 Luka Is Completely Open With Everyone

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One common trope amongst fiction featuring teenagers, even animated series, is miscommunication resulting from someone keeping their feelings to themselves. While that might be a common occurrence with Luka's twin sister, Juleka, that's not the case with Luka himself. Luka is always open and honest. Being completely willing to be vulnerable with the people around him shows a lot of courage on Luka's part since it's entirely possible that he won't be supported or accepted.


Luka's openness is one of the reasons Marinette trusts him to help her whether he's in or out of costume. He becomes Viperion with the snake Miraculous, but he's also one of the first people to help her seek safety when he doesn't know she's Ladybug. Luka even keeps her secret when he knows the truth about her identity and Cat Noir's in alternate timelines.

3 Adrien Never Backs Down As Cat Noir

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Some fans believe Adrien is an interesting case when it comes to courage in the world of Miraculous Ladybug. As himself, he doesn't do a whole lot of standing up to bullies or his father. He desperately wants to be closer to his father, but often finds himself afraid to explain things. He does, however, band together with other classmates when one of their friends is in trouble.

When Adrien is Cat Noir, he's like an entirely different person. The mask gives him the courage to take up a little more space in the world, to be honest about his feelings, and to really put himself out there. As Cat Noir, he also never gives up on a fight. Even if his energy is zapped and he's about to transform back to Adrien, he won't abandon his allies in a fight. Adrien has even sacrificed himself multiple times in order for Ladybug to be the one to save the day.

2 Marinette Has To Handle All Of The Pressure

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Marinette might have a partner in Cat Noir when she's out in Paris as Ladybug, but it's clear she's the real leader. She's the one entrusted to bring in new Miraculous holders — and the one entrusted to be the new Guardian. That means a lot of the pressure to take on the villains falls to Marinette.

Despite her being awkward and nervous around so many people in her everyday life, she is grace under pressure as Ladybug. There is no injustice that she won't try to correct, no person she won't try to save, and no villain that she won't allow a second chance. Marinette constantly puts her own safety on the line to save the world when she doesn't have someone else to help her.

1 Alya Stands Alone

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Alya is incredibly open with her friends. She values honest communication, even if it hurts. Alya allows herself to be vulnerable, which is a brave act in itself. Her courage in the superhero world is even greater. Alya is a force to be reckoned with.

Marinette chooses her as a Miraculous holder, but Alya is almost always in the thick of the action even without one. She leads people to safety, and she's always ready to back up Ladybug if she needs help. When she becomes Rena Rouge, Alya is even forced to fight off villains alone, and she manages to handle it while still protecting Marinette's secret.

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