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PROFILE: Radhika Singh, Executive Leadership Coach & Performance Consultant

Radhika has 30+ years of international experience across industries, and over a decade as Executive Coach, Performance Consultant and Leadership Development specialist. She rose up the corporate ladder through GE, IBM, and Bank of America; Among her clients are - Unilever, Airtel, Deloitte, Mercedes, Reliance Retail, KPMG, Hero MotoCorp, Asian Development Bank, World Bank/IFC and United Nations. In her corporate career, she has held many leadership roles specialized in emerging market countries, Asia-Pacific, and BRIC.

As an Executive Coach and Organizational Leadership Consultant, she catalyses’ ‘building leadership acumen’ and supporting leaders and teams to actualize their potential in rapidly changing and transformational environments. Her successful stints as a CXO (Bank of America) and as a P&L leader (for GE) contributes to her coaching effectiveness. She is versatile in her coaching style while adapting different methodologies to the leadership stage of her clients, applying neuroscience in order to accelerate their performance.

Her key exposure comes from extensive hands-on work in Leadership Development and Design, Learning Consulting, Coaching and Building Executive Leadership pipelines to create talent pools and succession plans, change management in an M&A environment, besides managing large teams and business operations. Her strong strategic thinking skills and versatility enable her clients to develop a long-term vision for their leadership and navigate complex organizational dynamics.

Radhika is an Associate Professor/Visiting Faculty at premier MBA schools (Symbiosis, SIBM Pune and Vedica Scholars, Delhi) across India for over 5 years, helping students understand psychometrics and assessments; and keep their mental health strong under stress using neuro-hacks and rewiring the brain directly impacting neuro-physiological states to achieve wellness. In the last 3 years, she has also shared these tools online across corporate sessions and open sessions led by health and wellness organisations like Mind Matrix and Antarmanh. She is a Doctoral student at the Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva focused on harnessing Neuroscience to enhance Leadership skills.

A young achiever for most of her career, she has been recipient of several coveted awards and has a strong presence on the global executive leadership stage. This includes speaking engagements for the prestigious Cornell University, Annual Masie Learning Conference in Florida, US: ASTD-STADA Conference in Singapore and Asia HRD Congress, India spanning topics on leadership design and change management. During her early career in media and consulting, she has been a part of prestigious assignments with NBC and CNBC, The Economic Times and won a UN award. She is passionate about food, travel, photography, swimming and golf.


● Newly appointed General Managers and expat CXO in an auto-major on Executive Presence and Strategic Alignment and Executive level communications in line with their new mandates and cross-cultural interactions.

● Senior Partner, big 4 consulting firm - on organizational restructuring and motivating his leadership team to align with the new structure

● Senior Diplomat making an international career transition to a leadership role in a politically sensitive country as well as cultural assimilation and function change.

● CEO & leadership team of one of the world’s largest travel companies - on managing the impending merger and resulting in large organizational changes

● A cohort of Finance directors at an international financial institution - on performance drivers and derailment factor (aggressive behaviour, people management, assertiveness) thereby building executive leadership skills as part of their preparation for next role

● Accelerated Change Leadership through 1-on-1 assessments and Individual Coaching sessions including psychometric tests and manager feedback debriefings for a leading global Telecom provider.

● A CEO and 15 direct reports of a large non-banking financial subsidiary - Group and individual coaching on change management leadership and individual accelerated performance

● HR general managers across the largest automobile manufacturer in India- workshop on Influencing without Authority and communication skills followed by individual coaching and feedback sessions covering more than 250 employees across client locations.

● A Lead Assessor and Coach for a team of 12 global coaches assessing senior UN executives for promotions to the executive band (200 hours of consulting), in a 3 hour face-to-face assessment and feedback that included psychometrics and competency-based interviews.

● Senior Vice President & Chief Learning Officer, Bank of America: Led Talent Management and L&D for Global Delivery Centre of Expertise (GDCE) across Asia Pacific with over 20,000 employees. Part of the company’s senior leadership team and responsible for coaching all 17 members across the globe for 18 months.

● Leadership & Executive Development Lead, Growth Markets, IBM: Led the learning & talent development strategy for Asia Pacific and growth markets, creating a 3-tier patented Executive leadership pipeline program Bright Blue to fast track 40 newly appointed Directors across Asia Pac into high performing Executives in 12 months, and develop over 200 General Managers on succession plans.

● Business Leader and Program Manager/Black Belt, GE Capital: Led the Medical Systems Learning business (USD1.3million account) running successful consulting engagements across the US for GE’s financial, media and services business.

● Expat Vice President career coached 1-on-1 over 5 years to transition to a leadership position from Consulting to FMCG organisations

CERTIFICATIONS/QUALIFICATIONS (* indicative not exhaustive)

● Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach & Master Practitioner (Mind Matrix, accredited to ICTA of Denmark)

● ICF Brain Based Coaching Certificate (David Rock’s Neuro Leadership Institute)

● GROW, Leader as Coach certified (PDI Ninth House)

● Booth Company’s Clark Wilson Task Cycle 360°

● Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and Hogan feedback coach

● Certified in Human Performance Improvement ® at GE

● Certified Lead Consultant ACT- Change Management Methodology ® at IBM

● Learning measurement certification By Donald & Jim Kirkpatrick

● Executive & Business Leadership Certificate Program from Cornell University, US.

● Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) Certified Consultant and Franchisee

● Six Sigma Black Belt from GE Capital

● Certificate in Education Technology from San Diego State University, USA

● Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Mumbai University, India

● Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, Mumbai University, India


● 1-ON-1 Coaching assignments for Executives (CXOs and 2 down level) in Corporate, non-governmental institutions, diplomats, and consulting firms

● Facilitation for Intact Leadership Teams across Corporates

● Individual or Group Business Performance Consulting for Corporates and Start-ups/Entrepreneurs

o In the areas of:

✔ Career transitions or planning

✔ New to Leadership/Executive role

✔ Readying for promotion or larger role

✔ Change management

✔ Behavioural Interventions – anger management, conflict resolution, communication style, Executive Presence, mental health and wellness

✔ Parenting and Young adult counselling

✔ Assimilate into Organisational culture

✔ Team dynamics

✔ Strategic Alignment

✔ Organisational development – building or assessing processes, metrics, culture, and talent (succession pipelines and top talent).

SUMMARY -Radhika is an ICF certified Brain-Based Coach specialised in Executive Leadership Coaching, ICTA certified NLP Master Coach, Certified ACT Lead Consultant (USA) and Early Career Mentor/Parenting Expert (DMIT certified) with over 25 years of global experience. Her mission is to help leaders actualise their potential and maximise their performance.


The Goddess Retreat 2024 - Review My Retreat (2024)
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